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Welcome to the Training section for our Girl Scouts Volunteers! Here you will get the tools necessary to carry out this job and meet other people who as you like: Working with girls, to make every occasion a continuous adventure. Below is a breakdown of the training required to work in the troops or GS groups as well as to perform specific tasks within the Girl Scout Program.

Training Opportunities

Training Weekend" (TW): the experience of training weekend (friday to sunday) in one of our camps and require prior registration; there are two per semester and is available cycle 1, 2 and 3.


Cycle 1= ideal for new volunteers who are to work with the troops GS, includes 6 Training Course; there are two per semester, alternating the camps of Añasco and Rio Grande.


Cycle 2for volunteers with experience who have taken 1 cycle or completed the Basic Course; specializes in the subject matter "outdoor" and covers the 8 skills of camping; it offers simultaneous with the Cycle 1.


Cycle 3 = for volunteers with experience and trained, it covers advanced topics such as: Camp Director, Facilitating Adult Learning and for the young Senior and Ambassador the CIT or VIT. It offers one per semester at camp Elisa Colberg along with cycles 1 and 2; the themes are alternated.

• EAGS = Experiencia de Aprendizaje en Girl Scout:  a day of training in the geographic areas where sessions are offered in the morning and in the afternoon with the themes of the Basic Course, recommended for those who cannot attend "Training Weekend" (but only take one in the morning and another in the afternoon). Additional topics may be offered according to need and interest of volunteers. It is program one by geographic area  during the year. Pre-registration is required and minimum quorum.

• Virtual Trainings: the list of ''trainings'' will appear month by month during this semester 2017. To register, you are going to select the training that you wish to take, then it will appear another page to fill out your personal information and you choose the schedule most convenient for you. If you have questions please contact Maria Ruiz by email at or at 787-721-5771 ext. 221.

Required and complementary trainings:

1. Base course* (see attached table)
2. Adult Recognitions
3. Religious Recognitions
4. Silver Medal for facilitators
5. Gold Medal for Young People and Facilitators
6. Songs and games
7. Ceremonies in GS
8. Colors ceremony
9. GS Insurances
10. Destinations
11. Financial Education Program
12. Camp Director
13. Advanced Camping Skills

Registration Process in face-to-face training

To ensure that the learning experience is favorable for all participants, it is necessary to take into account the following criteria:

1. Pre-registration is required. Make sure ahead of time that your tuition was received and processed.
2. Confirm time and place.
3. Be on time.
4. Take your snack (and medications you need.)
5. Take the materials as requested.
6. Do not bring children.

You can register at the various training opportunities using the following options:

• Visiting our Council store during office hours or by contacting via telephone at 1-888-265-7686 (free of charge) or at 787-721-5771 ext. 221 or by email to

Note: There is the option of coordinating training ("upon request") out of the established dates and according to need, by contacting the Program Coordinator of the Council or with the person in charge of coordinating training in their geographical area. Minimum quantity required 8-10 participants.